Exploring Jalousie

a small photo selection: Do you remember Jalousie? I was very intrigued by the colorful neighborhood last year, and I had to visit it now that I’m in Haiti again. Most people there were friendly, but […]

1 Year? Year?!

Something magnificent I realized this morning that I would have to publish a spectacular post today because this notification ticked into my phone: Ett år har gått siden denne bloggen ble opprettet. Litt mimring hører […]

The longest journey

Russian railroads are quite famous, especially the one that goes across Sibir. I didn’t travel quite that far; it takes 23 hours to travel St. Petersburg-Lipetsk, not really the longest journey at all. Although it […]

Some Changes

  I worry that I’m not using my Norwegian enough. What if I one day wake up to find it rusty? I’ll try to make a sentence, try and describe something, but it will come […]

Yess, I Have a Wand!

Disney World is not the only famous attraction in Orlando. There are Universal Studios too, and I visited Universal’s Isles of Adventure! The park was very beautiful and fun, but missing some of the charm […]

Disney World Orlando

Four parks in two days! We’re talking blisters, rain and a lot of fun. I wish I could do it all over again! There were lines, of course, but the rain must have kept the […]