Brrr, my fingers are ice cold. Winter is coming… no, actually it’s here, even though it’s only the beginning!

She knows it:

I bet it’s already been snowing in Ålesund. But this is pretty much what it looked like, on a Saturday, three weeks or so back.

Ålesund is quite famous for it’s architecture. The night of January 23th, almost 110 years ago (1904) the city burned down. (Wiki for more>) The town was then rebuilt in stone, brick, and mortar – in Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), the architectural style of the time. What’s that? Check the photos below 😉

Street shots:

Ålesund street, autumn 2013 - Norway

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interesting clouds - looming sky


I’ve been away for a while, not only from WordPress, but also from my Mom, the gym, Instagram, Flickr… you name it. My absence is easily explained with one short word: EXAM. But there are so many other things occupying my thoughts. I have to find a job. I have to move. I must plan my summer. I need a driver license. I should read a book. And is it long since breakfast??

While Internet provides many advices on how to relieve stress, I don’t find it very helpful to read that I must exercise and organize …

Happy Birthday

May 17th in Karl Johans gate - Oslo - Norwegian national day
17th in Karl Johans gate – Oslo

May 17th is Norwegian constitution day. Everyone say ‘happy birthday’ to each other and eat sausages and ice cream. The royal family waves from the balcony of the royal palace (the yellow building in the background of the picture) and people suit up. Check out the folk costumes in the crowd (and if you wish to know more about the traditional Norwegian clothing, click the following link: BUNAD >>)

Nice day!

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