Faces of Haiti

Faces of Haiti
Haitian smiling school girl
Sunshine girl

My sweet, sweet blog. I cry when I realize how much I’ve neglected you lately. Eeeh.. So!

Beautiful Haitian womam
Another beauty

There were some days without Internet, and other days I’ve been too tired. Fainting into my bed sheets is what I do best here in Haiti, although I wake up many times during a night. It because of the mosquito net tent. That stupid thing I was advised to buy prior to coming here. I even paid a small fortune for it, since it’s impregnated (chemically treated). There are however no more mosquitos here than in Norway during summer, and despite of the stupid net I have several red spots. Never trust your doctor!

Beautiful Haitian woman
while this is a trustworthy face

I’ve been in Haiti for two weeks now, and I’m quite surprised to discover that I love it. I’m asked for money and my phone number several times a day, but that happens quite often in Oslo too. The people are poor (except for those really rich ones, I’ve visited a palace home or two), but they still have smiles to offer. And when dark and light eyes meet and genuine smiles are exchanged, it feels quite wonderful.

Haitian smiles
Haitian smiles

There are a lot of staring to, and the children have this little chant ‘blan, blan, blan’ (foreigner) that they sing when Caroline & I pass by. I can’t really complain about that though. I do my own share of staring, and I take pictures on top of that. Some Haitians don’t want their picture taken, and I respect that, while others love modelling. They line up and wait for turn, and demand to see the photo after. I’ll look into if I can find a printing studio here, to send some pictures to the schools I’ve been visiting. The photos presented in this post were shot while visiting a school built by LWF in a remote mountain area.

Haitian face
Great character

In other words; I’m very much alive and enjoying the adventure!

So forget me not 😉

Smiling Woman in Haiti - Palmes region

Creole 102:

Mwen soti nan Nòvèj – I’m from Norway

Mwen kontan rankontre ou – I’m pleased to meet you

N a wè ou pita – See you later

Orevwa – Goodbye

CREOLE 101 >>

fanm an Ayiti
Until next time!

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Pirate Moment Award

passing graffiti


The coolest title for an award, don’t you agree? Mèsi anpil, to the Queen of Bento – Rabbitcancook – for inviting me on board! Go girl pirates, and here’s to world domination! YAAWR 😀

Now, who else deserves to join the crew? I believe these people do:


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AND OF COURSE… (at the bottom because I can’t help wishing them in the seas with me, although I’ve awarded them with “this and that” previously) THE TERRIFYINGLY WONDERFUL: Black&white colorsEvi, AmberafricaYvo1984Prem, … I feel I’ve forgotten someone…. … . Oh well.

Welcome on board, ladies!

What I’m doing here

I’m wearing many hats in Haiti;

Tourist hat – Everything is new and exciting and I’m trying to squeeze in as many experiences as I can into the five weeks I’m here. I think ‘wonderful’ is my favourite English word, and it’s quite fitting to describe my first six days in Haiti. As I write this I’m slightly distracted by six turkey chicks that pluck at mango pieces next to me. Wonderful.

Love Haiti Graffiti
Love Haiti

Volunteer hat – I’m writing the annual report for LWF, an organization that has been building schools, houses and roads in Haiti for years.

The LWF Office
LWF office in Petion-Ville

Journalist hat – Apart from the work I’ll do for LWF in Haiti; I will write a reportage for my final exam here. This makes me slightly stressed, as I haven’t found sources for this task yet, nor ‘the Norwegian link’, which should be present in my reportage if I wish to sell it to a newspaper in Norway.

People in Haiti
May I interview you?

I should also acquire a real hat soon. My head is not used to all the sun it’s getting 😛