What I’m doing here

I’m wearing many hats in Haiti;

Tourist hat – Everything is new and exciting and I’m trying to squeeze in as many experiences as I can into the five weeks I’m here. I think ‘wonderful’ is my favourite English word, and it’s quite fitting to describe my first six days in Haiti. As I write this I’m slightly distracted by six turkey chicks that pluck at mango pieces next to me. Wonderful.

Love Haiti Graffiti
Love Haiti

Volunteer hat – I’m writing the annual report for LWF, an organization that has been building schools, houses and roads in Haiti for years.

The LWF Office
LWF office in Petion-Ville

Journalist hat – Apart from the work I’ll do for LWF in Haiti; I will write a reportage for my final exam here. This makes me slightly stressed, as I haven’t found sources for this task yet, nor ‘the Norwegian link’, which should be present in my reportage if I wish to sell it to a newspaper in Norway.

People in Haiti
May I interview you?

I should also acquire a real hat soon. My head is not used to all the sun it’s getting 😛

Those criminals!

Those criminals!

graffiti on a wall Oslo

Graffiti is strictly forbidden in Oslo. Nulltoleranse – zero tolerance means that being a street artist is equally bad as stealing a car or selling drugs. There are a few walls (like five) where graffiti can be made legally in Oslo, but whether they should be removed is always a topic for discussion. Graffiti has a way of spreading from the legal walls to nearby buildings, which is much frowned upon. Most people who own buildings hate graffiti, while most taggers are teenagers with spray cans. Who do you think is winning that word war?

I’d personally vote to remove most tags in Oslo since they look like crap, but what else can I expect when the artists have no room to practise on their works before exposing my eyes to them? Or maybe I just don’t get their art? I also believe they have too little time to make anything impressive. I’ve heard that putting any kind of mark on Oslo (despite the strict control) gives credit in itself, no matter the quality of the product.

Anyhows! While I was in Amsterdam some wonderful paintings showed up in a rather dreary and grey passageway.

These are made by Alice Pasquini and Christian Guémy. Both are great artists who also work commercially. While searching them up I realized I have other works they’ve made in Oslo in my graffiti collection.

(PS: the last three images were shot around a year ago for Aktiv i Oslo)

Thanks for making my Oslo-walks prettier and more colourful 😉

More street art >>>

Oslo Impressions

Oslo Impressions

And so I’m back in Amsterdam!
Some thoughts from my trip to Oslo:

The morning after, Messy kitchen after party
The morning after….
Housmania, Oslo, 2012, graffiti
Hausmania is still the coolest building in town
Hausmania Backyard
oslo, norway, december, graffiti, statue, Hausmania Backyard
Sun and Oslo = Love
Sun and Oslo, magical together
Karl Johan Oslo 2012 Norway
-13: Being homeless really sucks during winter
Christmas market, fire place, oslo, norway
Also the Sami people come to the Christmas market
The ice is waiting
Christmas market, oslo, statue, spikersuppa
Christmas makes the city sparkle
Spikersuppa, Oslo, Ice rink
The Ice rink @ Spikersuppa is open = love
grand hotel, oslo, december 2012
Grand Hotel, all ready to host nobel peace prize winners (2012)