Exploring Jalousie

Exploring Jalousie
a small photo selection:

Do you remember Jalousie?

I was very intrigued by the colorful neighborhood last year, and I had to visit it now that I’m in Haiti again. Most people there were friendly, but very few wanted their picture taken, and some reveled in saying “No! Go!”

I guess having the power to say that is quite enjoyable if you own little else.

Jalousie is among many slums that have sprawled across the hills of the capital Port-au-Prince in recent decades because governments past and present have failed to provide affordable housing and basic services.  … Amid its narrow corridors and steep steps, Jalousie has no traditional sewage system or electric grid. (The Huffington Post)

Jalousie does have the best view in Port-au-Prince though. And now colors.

Let’s hope the improvements don’t stop there.

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Brrr, my fingers are ice cold. Winter is coming… no, actually it’s here, even though it’s only the beginning!

She knows it:

I bet it’s already been snowing in Ålesund. But this is pretty much what it looked like, on a Saturday, three weeks or so back.

Ålesund is quite famous for it’s architecture. The night of January 23th, almost 110 years ago (1904) the city burned down. (Wiki for more>) The town was then rebuilt in stone, brick, and mortar – in Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), the architectural style of the time. What’s that? Check the photos below 😉

Street shots:

Ålesund street, autumn 2013 - Norway

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Remember Russia?

Remember Russia?

Currently, I only remember the annoying things – the endless lines, the rude shop assistants and the crammed metro. I will soon experience all that. How come I never remember any nice things about Russia before going there? I know there are many nice things to look forward to. I know it will be three splendid weeks. Most certainly! Let’s take a look at old photos!


Av en eller annen grunn sitter ’takk’ langt inne når folk ønsker meg god ferie. Å, vent – jeg vet hvorfor: Den årlige reisen Russland klarer alltid å sjokkere meg køene som møter meg allerede på flyplassen. Man må også vente i butikkene hvor ansatte ofte snakker i telefonen mens de blar i magasiner, før de spydig forteller (de måtte tross alt legge fra seg alle sine andre gjøremål!) at dersom du vil vite om pølsa er god – da får du kjøpe den! Og alle tar i mot rådet med stoisk ro, alle er tross alt overlevende etter rush-trafikken. Det skal mer til for å vippe oss over kanten, som kø-snikere for eksempel. Neida, det blir en fantastisk tur! Det blir alltid det, om ikke annet – periodevis. En titt i fotomappa:

Last year my camera stopped working on the first day! These pictures were shot in Moscow, with a borrowed Canon.

Milli travels

Milli travels

På toppen av Fredrikstad

I don’t think Milli had ever been to Fredrikstad before we went there to visit Caroline (remember her? >>) who lives and works in the old part of the city. Old Fredrikstad is actually shaped like a star; you can see it on maps and pictures from above. Milli didn’t visit any museums, but she enjoyed the cobblestone pavements and the tree houses with secret gardens, and most of all the parks, very much!

Kjære Caroline jobber i Gamle Fredrikstad (Gamlebyen) i sommer, og Milli ble  invitert til å besøke henne. Jeg ble med. Vi utforsket et par bortgjemte hager, usynlige for folk som vandrer langs brosteingatene, med mindre en port tilfeldigvis er åpen slik at en liten hund kan bli nysgjerrig på grillduftene som strømmer ut. En logrende pelsdott får tilsynelatende alltid en varm velkomst. Milli besøkte ingen museer, men hun fikk snust på noen statuer og en kirke. Jeg tror hun reiste tilbake til Drammen fornøyd.

Milli snuser ut hemmelig hage

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Some Changes

Some Changes


I worry that I’m not using my Norwegian enough. What if I one day wake up to find it rusty? I’ll try to make a sentence, try and describe something, but it will come crooked and clumsy. Ops, that’s already happening. So from now I’ll be writing in Norwegian too. It will be especially important now, since I’m quite sure that Milli, the star of this blog this week, doesn’t master English very well. Ah, I’m so fortunate to have her now that summer has finally arrived Norway. Milli forces me to enjoy the weather at least three times a day. Thank you, my furry BFF.

Milli in action

Today, we’ve been exploring Drammen.

Det er vakkert å ha hund i Drammen, spesielt i disse dager (heldige meg som får leke hundeeier i nettopp denne tiden!). Sommeren er endelig her, og jeg har en liten Jack Russell som tvinger meg til å nyte finværet minst tre ganger om dagen. I dag har vi utforsket Drammen by.

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Last Stop

St. Pete Florida car mirror view

On the road trip through Florida, one place especially, turned out to be a wonderful treat. I didn’t have any expectations when I insisted on a visit to St. Pete, I just wanted to make a quick stop in the city that has the same name as the one where I was born.

It was great! I ate the best Indian food EVER (@MoonUnderTheWater) after strolling the beautiful avenues and visiting the Salvador Dali Museum.


And some Dali quotes:

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.
The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.
 Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

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