The week couldn’t have started better

Oh, Irelaland!

Some brief days in Dublin visiting friends, and I already consider moving to the Green Island.

I came on a Monday and left on a Wednesday (barely, there were some trouble getting to the airport in time… due to TRAFFIC) with the best impression.


A couple vacation days, a journey and lots of hours chatting with your girlfriends – sometimes that is all you need to remember how to enjoy life.


I might have gotten a minor concussion too, on Tuesday night, while dancing.

You know those movies where the main character gets hit hard in the head and then develops some kind of power, like reading peoples minds? Or changes personality, forgets certain people or who they are themselves?

I haven’t figured out if got a super power along with the head bump. I chose to think some things cleared up when my scull and the floor connected though.

I’ve been thinking so much lately, about how to love myself more, and what I want to with my life, and how I can be happier. I’m not ready to put words on it yet, but I feel lighter.

Go to Dublin, maybe you will feel it too.

“There are two days in the week on which I never worry; one is yesterday and the other is tomorrow.”

Robert Jones Burdette 1844 – 1914


Bye-bye elections!

My last post probably gave a hint that I’m living through a troubled period in my life. I wrote it when I was very sad.

Then I didn’t write anything for a month, haha. After buying a premium plan – so much for serious goals like writing every day!

Instead I’ve been busy with moping and work.

Norway just had elections. And my foreign friends keep asking me: Who won?

Work, work, work, work, work.

It’s hard to explain. If you ask ME (which you shouldn’t on this matter), I would say the electoral system of Norway is almost impossible to fathom.

So I’ll explain in as few words as possible (read The Guardian to understand more):

The left wing (red) got more votes, but the right wing (blue) won the election. The prime minister of the Right party, Erna Solberg, keeps her position for another term. She is choosing her ministers right now, in accordance with other parties who got a respectable amount of votes. The blue parties in the right wing got 88 seats in the parlament, and the red parties got 81 seats.

This might mean that the taxes will be lowered sometime during the next four years, we might see more privatization and Norway will probably continue to search for oil in the Arctic. All this might have happened anyways. The difference between the right and the left side is not always clear. Norway’s parties mostly place somewhere in the centre.



The first evening in the rest of my life 😉

When your heart is mourning

… what do you do?

I’ve been on a journey and I wanted to share that with you, tell you the story and show you my pictures of the magnificent North.

Instead, I got home to my lovely new apartment which I spent the whole Sunday decorating, and started crying.

In order to give me some helpful advice, I guess you should know why I’m crying my eyes out. The answer is good old heartbreak.

Why do you think I have a new apartment and moving in with Nina?

Today I realized I haven’t talked with my ex in two days. None of us called the other. I started thinking and the tears flowed.

My love, why couldn’t you just love me back, accepting me as I am?

I think I loved you like that. Now I’m just hurt, but I could fall back into it if you would just make some effort – maybe a little gesture, like inviting me to celebrate our two year anniversary even though a couple weeks have passed since the actual date.

2015-08-09 20.04.28-2
Snapping approximately two years ago.

It’s stupid, right?

I feel stupid, and not at all like looking at the pictures from my journey. Guess which photos I’ve been searching up instead?

What I’m going to do now is… play some Candy Crush.

2-2015-10-04 10.54.50 HDR
Enter a caption. No, thanks.

Moving in with Nina

Houston, we have a problem. Our first roommate conflict is brewing.

But first, let me tell you about my new place.

I’m quite happy with the new place I’m moving into. It has everything I would want from my arctic home:

Look, a view of the fjord.


It’s within walking distance from work.

There is a shop nearby. (It didn’t necessarily need to be placed IN THE MIDDLE of the scenic view, but I have decided to look at the bright side.) This is perfect for those cold and dark months when you really don’t want to stay outside longer than you have to.


While you can enjoy the midnight sun the whole night through on the balcony in the summer.

I’m moving in with my BFF Nina and I think living together will be a lot of fun. We met when I moved north two years ago, and we haven’t ever run out of things to talk about yet. Whether the topic is everyday life, our body shapes, sex, work, philosophy and self-development, business plans, childhood in Russia, travel plans or youtube videos –  we are always having a great time. There is only one problem.

This flat has two bedrooms. One gets a lot of light because it has two windows with a view of the fjord and the road. The other bedroom is smaller and stares right a wall.

We have tried not talking about this, but the moment has come.

We have received the keys to the place and it’s officially time to move in.

And choose rooms.

What do two clever girls do in this situation? We decide to let fortune decide (and that the person who get’s The Room will pay slightly more) and make a draw. Nina tries to feel her way to the paper promising the beautiful room.



I just got lucky!

I wish you fortune and luck today, thanks for reading ❤

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On the move

There are changes happening, I’m on the move. I’ve packed my stuff and carried a countless amount of boxes up and down countless stairs. I’ve sorted through a lot of things I wasn’t even sure I owned before, I’ve thrown away stuff. That was hard for me.

And there is still a lot left.


For the seventh time in equally many years, I’ve told myself that this is the last time I move. Moving takes a lot of effort (if you like me have compulsively bought loads of cute, and absolutely useless, stuff over the years). Especially when you hate throwing things away, because you might just need that Hannah Montana wig you found in a forgotten corner of a box.


Will I ever get settled in?

Yes I will. Today.

You get a payed day free from work when you move in Norway, and my day is today.

As you see, I’ve gotten a lot stuff done already.

Wish me speedy unpacking!


Arctic Camping


I lived there for two days. I’m proud of officially becoming a “friluftsmenneske” as they say in Norwegian. It means free-air-human 😉

Free range human?

Midtnattsolens jetlag effekt

midt på natten

Jeg trodde ikke midnattsolen kom til å ha noen spesiell effekt på meg. Man har jo “hvite netter” i Oslo også. Sommernettene har vært lyse så lenge jeg kan huske.

Dermed er jeg skikkelig overrasket over at det å leve under midnattsolen, ligner en hel del på å ha jetlag. Jeg blir ikke trøtt. Klokken kan være tolv og føles som åtte.


Jeg røyker mye og elsker fest! Når jeg flytter, bringer jeg min lille hest! Oh yeah. Noen som har en ledig bolig?

PS. Stolt eier av en bongotromme.

Når man sitter med nesa i boligannonser virker verden full av dyre- og barnehatere, festmotstandere og manikere med støv på hjernen. Hva skjer med at folk virker så pripne når de skal leie ut leiligheten sin? Jeg vet at jeg i bunn og grunn er en perfekt leietaker, men jeg blir litt engstelig når ordene som går igjen i nettannonsene er som følger:

-ikke røyk
-ikke dyr
-ikke fest
-ikke bråk
-ingen navgaranti

Alle vil ha “rolige ordensfolk”. Jeg skjønner på en måte hvorfor man har slike krav til en leietaker, men det virker så ekskluderende der det står sort på hvitt, i den ene annonsen etter den andre.

Du blir sikkert litt forvirret nå: “Hva er det hun snakker om?” – Anno 2015 finnes det jo nærmest ingen boligannonser fra Alta på verken Finn eller

Jeg ble lettere sjokkert første gangen jeg skulle se etter leilighet på nett. På var det til sammen TRE Alta-annonser. Så fikk jeg et tips, og dagen etter hadde jeg funnet bolig:

Det er på Facebook det skjer!

I gruppen jeg lenker til, yrer det av aktivitet. Hvorfor betale Finn penger, når man kan bruke Facebook gratis? Jeg lurer på hvordan altafolk bruker sosiale medier i andre sammenhenger. Jeg har allerede funnet en gruppe som tilsvarer torget på Finn, med bud i kommentarfeltene. Jeg følger det hele med argusøyne (jeg må tross alt møblere min fremtidige bolig også)…

Ha det, Oslo!

Anker Studenthjem, Storgata - Oslo

Det er en av de siste dagene mine i Oslo, og det er noe svært poetisk ved lydene som strømmer inn vinduet. Ambulanser uler på veiene, fugler kvitrer i trærne og barn hyler på lekeplassen. Biler kjører forbi, og innimellom hører jeg inngangsdøra til bygget smelle. Det er så mye LIV.

Jeg bor midt i Oslo-gryta. Anker studentbolig har tidligere vært omtalt i VG i forbindelse med, jeg siterer: “bråk, dop og hærverk på drapshybel”. Enkelte venner har sagt at hjemmet mitt er en rønne, men jeg liker det egentlig ganske godt. Jeg har hørt bråk i helgene, og duften av dop har streifet neseborene mine i gangene. En kveld kom jeg hjem og oppdaget at noen hadde revet ned alle nummerskilt fra inngangsdøra og tagget på den, så jeg skal ikke si at jeg ikke skjønner hvor Anker får ryktet sitt fra.

Men det er ganske fint her likevel. Man ser så mange forskjellige mennesker her. Grunerløkka er bare et steinkast unna, Akerselva er rett utenfor døra og man kan nesten lukte spisestedene i Torggata. Det er hjerteskjærende at jeg snart må levere nøkkelen til hybelen min, at jeg kan kan si at den er “min” i noen få timer til, før Anker blir historie.

Minner fra de gangene felleskjøkkenet var okkupert av naboer som stekte hvitløk og kokte fisk, er ikke det minste irriterende lenger. De har fått en sjarmerende glød. Anker har aldri vært så idyllisk som i dag, men selv på sitt gråeste har det vært et fargerikt sted å bo.

Men nå er dette kapittelet snart lukket. Sukk. I det ene øyeblikket gjør det meg trist, i det neste husker jeg mitt neste eventyr nærmer seg med stormskritt. Å ta farvel med Anker er steg på veien til det. Å inngå avtale om leie et rom i Alta, er et annet. Mer om det i eget innlegg…

Stay tuned, hvis du vil kan du bli Alta-ekspert sammen med meg 😉

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