Hello, visitor! It’s nice of you to be curious about me J

My name is Ksenia Novikova. I’m a journalist who lives in the very north of Norway. The winters here are long and dark, while the summers seem like one long day because the sun doesn’t set. I love it.

I’m currently working for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, a governmental organization that supports all kinds of cooperation between the people who live in the north of Norway and Russia, helping in developing this region. My job is telling stories and documenting all the interesting events and projects that we are a part of, and it involves quite a lot traveling.

Moving up north four years ago is the greatest adventure of my life. I was born in Russia, but I grew up in Norway. Now I live right next to the border between these two, but the world seems borderless.

This is my personal blog, a place of random glimpses into my past; mostly through my camera lens, sometimes written down in words. I’ve had this blog for some years now. My most recurring blog topic is probably how it’s been forever since I posted anything here.





I’m a journalist in my late twenties.

I live in the very north of Norway.

I love it.

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Name: You should know by now!
Current location: Alta
Age: 26


Name: Hard Worker
Current location: Oslo
Age: 25

2014 – Drammen

Name: No changes (trying to fix it tho).
Current location: Drammen/Haiti
Age: 24

Name: Unemployed Journalist
Current Location: Limbo
Age: 23

2013 – Drammen

Name: Same
Current location: Oslo
Age: 23

2012 – Diemen

Name: Ksenia Novikova
Current location: Amsterdam
Age: 22

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