On the move

There are changes happening, I’m on the move. I’ve packed my stuff and carried a countless amount of boxes up and down countless stairs. I’ve sorted through a lot of things I wasn’t even sure I owned before, I’ve thrown away stuff. That was hard for me.

And there is still a lot left.


For the seventh time in equally many years, I’ve told myself that this is the last time I move. Moving takes a lot of effort (if you like me have compulsively bought loads of cute, and absolutely useless, stuff over the years). Especially when you hate throwing things away, because you might just need that Hannah Montana wig you found in a forgotten corner of a box.


Will I ever get settled in?

Yes I will. Today.

You get a payed day free from work when you move in Norway, and my day is today.

As you see, I’ve gotten a lot stuff done already.

Wish me speedy unpacking!