Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Rossters fight infront of a betting crowd

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Ksenia & the weekly challenge >>


      1. britul

        ha ha … seems quite interesting ..coz no one is looking at you .. everyone is busy with the birds 🙂 .. btw. excellent click 🙂

    1. ks3nia

      Hehe! Never thought of that! THAT would have been cool! Even though I would have lost – it was surprisingly the smallest rooster that won !

      1. Know-All

        Good Girl!! 😛 After all, gambling is a vice!! But, are you seriously telling me that you have not heard of this guy named David and his friendly neighbour, Goliath? 😀

  1. themofman

    It’s sort of amazing and frightening at the same time, the character trait that binds all cultures; that when it is not opportune to enjoy watching people waste each other for our pleasure, we take great pleasure on watching other species in the animal kingdom fight.

    Powerful photojournalism.

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