Jalouzi - above Petion-Ville - Haiti
Jalousie in new colors! Jealous?

I was going to submit these as COLOR, but then I saw that the weekly photo challenge now is CHANGE. And Jalousie is even more fitting for this theme; as the community on the hillside is being painted these days. I loved it when I first saw it – colors always make me happy, but there’s a lot of controversy in the picture too. Is painting houses the way to help a neighbourhood?

I met a journalist in Jeremie who’s running a website about ‘happenings in Haiti’ – follow THIS LINK for more about Jalousie and other interesting news 😉


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  1. that IS an awesome photo… but I did get a laugh from the video….” I wish they fixed the houses first before they painted them.. its like putting on new clothes without taking a bath… they look fine until you get close enough to smell them.. “(paraphrasing) but i thought his point was interesting.. beautiful, compact close quarters, rugged region..

  2. nice colors!! and I agree with your point, rather than painting the houses, the basic amenities should be provided first…like your photo-journalism 🙂

  3. The colours really are beautiful! It’s a shame that they didn’t improve the living conditions and opted to to a quick fix for the facades, but hopefully this will draw enough attention and interest that more change will continue to happen!

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