When nothing works

I bake.

Baking Cupcakes in oven

My hard drive crashed last Thursday – on the day of an exam and my birthday. A new hard drive is installed already,  but I’m very upset with myself now for being a lazy backuper. I have so much work to catch up now! And I need to buy lots of programs all over again. So I’ve made myself a treat:

Has all types of chocolate
Has all types of chocolate!


I always try to be nice to myself 🙂

And sometime in the future I might just open a cupcake bakery, like the one “2 broke girls” dream about. That sitcom seems a lot less silly now with the sudden computer expenses that dropped into my lap. Cupcake-making is such a therapeutic activity, by the way, especially if you listen to Queen – the only music I have in my iTunes at the moment.