Bird fights over canal in Red Light District - Amsterdam

Red Light Birds

Bird fights over canal in Red Light District - Amsterdam
angry birds

Everything was white and bright today. Iโ€™m not sure whether the birds, they happen to be very visible citizens in Amsterdam too, appreciated the crisp weather. They were everywhere today, but most gathered in the Red Light District, fighting each other – probably because they were cold and grumpy.


  1. thepiratehorizon

    birds in the red light district? a must, i’d say ๐Ÿ˜‰ nice shots here. can hear the flapping wings on the stirred waters

  2. arranqhenderson

    That first picture is super, so clear and crisp, amazing depth and sense of movement. Love it. It is so hectic with birds, and so mad, it is almost menacing. Actually, it looks like something from an Alfred Hitchock film.
    Just posted a few pictures of birds on my own post, but they were small one and sadly, in cages, alas. Nothing as dramatic as this. Great to find your blog, looks very interesting.

  3. Richard Harrison

    Birds know a popular spot when they see one. And the tourists can always say they were just in the area birding. No matter, the shot down the canal – which I have to admit I recognize – is most compelling. Between the absolutely right lighting and that gaggle of birds the residents would be hard-pressed to compete. I would probably never have seen this had you not dropped by my blog – thank you on both points!

  4. Richard Harrison

    Reblogged this on RichardBeGone and commented:
    I’ve had a number of new visitor on the blog recently. I have no idea how they find me but I’m certainly glad they do. I love traffic but more I love reciprocating with visits to their blogs because I get to enjoy their work in return. Blogging I suppose, can get incestous. So here’s a post I really loved from Moments I’ll Never Forget. I hope you like it as much as I did.

  5. prem

    Ah, so wild indeed… it shows. I like Amsterdam and have visited this place many times just for sight seeing. I used to work in NL you know. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. littledoglaughed

    The top photograph is simply wonderful! Is this HDR? The motion and the energy are wonderful-as is the color.
    Thank you too for taking the time to stop by my blog Move the Chair-I appreciate it very much-

  7. lindalitebeing

    Thank you for finding my blog and liking it. I plan to spend some time at yours. Amsterdam is one of those places I dream of. And your cover image looks like it was Seuratized. Am I on target here?

    peace, linda

      1. lindalitebeing

        what I meant is the picture looks like pointillism which is the painting style of Georges Seurat, If you don’t know him, google him and you’ll get my meaning ๐Ÿ™‚

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