To Oslo and back again

Oslo from the St. hanshaugen hill

Oslo from the St. Hanshaugen hill

How did I become such a jetsetter?

Christmas came to an end and I found myself studying at tw o universities – one in Amsterdam and one in Oslo. It’s not the dream I wish it was.

My mailbox came to life again, and so did Facebook, but it isn’t the place I relax while stalking people anymore – I am the one stalked now, mostly by people who need me to do something instead of doing the other thing I must do.

I can also see my birthday in the near future; something a balloon cemetery in my kitchen keeps reminding me about. I’ll post a pic of that tomorrow, promise. But now I have some depressed sleeping to do.
Then lectures.

Fashion icon and an inspiration - Name: Unknown :-(
Fashion icon and an inspiration – Name: Unknown