Blocking the world

Buddhas at Amsterdam Blijburg Beach

I didn’t check the news yesterday and I’m definitely doing my best to avoid them today.

Amsterdam looks beautiful! The sun is shining. My mom is visiting me this weekend, with my stepfather and I should be running out the door now to meet them, since they are probably finishing their first Dutch breakfast around this time. So ‘til later!

*charging my camera*

7 thoughts on “Blocking the world

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  1. Great contrast – spiritual Buddha’s and a simple industrial building with a pink window. That window is so necessary here! As well as the trash cans.

    I like the idea of Buddha’s on the beach. (Even the poor one’s without “peace” fingers.) Especially if they’re facing the sea which I believe they are… Are they?

    Enjoy the family! 🙂

  2. I was about to say exactly the same thing about the magenta window and the waste bins but see I’ve been beaten to it in the comment above! They both bookend the shot really well and for me make the shot complete. Like the balloons shot, you seem to have an eye for throwing in a little surprise into what initially seems commonplace. Nice – again! G

  3. That photo is fantastic. I really like the symmetry you have in the composition. 🙂
    The window balanced by the garbage cans, three evenly spaced statues, and the horizontal thirds created by the beach, container, and sky. Lovely!

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