My friend did some Christmas shopping in Amsterdam

All bloggers writing about Christmas made me realize that we’re in December all of the sudden. The streets have ben illuminated for weeks already, but now Christmas is actually coming to town.

I love Christmas; the decorations, the songs and the presents make me very happy, but I haven’t really gotten around to buy gifts myself yet, and that makes me very stressed.

Is it even possible to find the perfect present for everyone you care about in three weeks?


      1. joetowey

        Haha knowing you’re loved isn’t a shabby kind of stress! I think I’ll wait another week or two before using words like “stress” and “procrastination.”

    1. ks3nia

      Haha! Where in the world do you live? Christmas landscapes should be easy to find 😛 Give it try, can’t wait to see! I actually really enjoy Christmas decorations, they look different (and kind of the same) everywhere, which is great, so go follow your inspiration 😀 hehe

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